Shopify Vs. BigCommerce Vs. WooCommmerce: Which Platform To Choose?

Shopify Vs. BigCommerce Vs. WooCommmerce: Which Platform To Choose?

If you’re here looking at ecommerce, it means either you’re starting an online business, or want to expand your current offering online, or maybe your existing ecommerce platform isn’t competitive enough.

There has been an explosion in amount of ecommerce solutions. So, it’s better to take some time before you make a final decision about ecommerce solutions provider. This is because once you have chosen the solution; it will stay with you for a while. Get the facts and online configuration of your store right.

Questions to ask while making ecommerce website

  • What type of products will you sell?
  • How many products variants will you have online?
  • Where will you sell Australia-wide only, local or international?


It’s hard to go past Shopify if you really want a dedicated online store. It is reviewed as one of the top rated ecommerce solution. Equipped with every essential feature you need for your online business – versatility, ease of use, hosting solution, it has pricing plans for every size of business as well. Shopify has made shipping easy by integrating with every major carrier. Shopify’s insightful reports can help retailers track their sales and predict selling. Even if you want to open a blogging site, you can use Shopify for its powerful content management system.


This Australian ecommerce solution provides lot of ecommerce features like blog, newsletter, social media integration and SEO services. Like Shopify, it is also a hosted solution. For a smooth shipping experience across Australia, BigCommerce offers customer’s preferred payment methods. You can also grow your business in Australia with Bigcommerce native functionality and unrivaled customization. In addition, BigCommerce offers Australian support team to answer the concerns 24/7. In fact, the platform’s Australia staff is known to resolve 90% issues on first call. You can even join their 15-day trial period to see why other businesses are succeeding in ecommerce world.


It is one of the best free ecommerce website builder. WooCommerce lets you easily manage orders, products and customers. It’s all about when functionality meets affordability. It gives you access of plethora of extensions and pre-built features. Selling online using WooCommerce is quite simple and fun. However, it does come with responsibilities like hosting, and renewal of domain.


We recommend Shopify over BigCommerce and WooCommerce due to its user-friendly feature, high-tech support and good analytics.

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