Most User-Friendly Website Builder in 2019

Most User-Friendly Website Builder in 2019

Are you planning on starting a new business? Do you have an idea but not sure how or where to start from? Worry not, there are many ecommerce platforms available in the market which you could go for. However, choosing the best, is the most difficult and important step. If you’re a start-up, you’d want a platform that is simple and requires less learning as your main aim would be to focus on your business idea and how to go on about it. This article will discuss about one of the most user-friendly website builder in the market i.e. Shopify.

Shopify is one of the leading and constantly evolving name in the ecommerce market. It is not new to any business person or even customers. It is the go-to option for many companies looking for a simple ecommerce solution provider for their business. Shopify is an all-rounder, whether it’s about the price, the features or the ability to use it easily, Shopify is your quick fix.

There are many businesses who are looking to switch from other platforms to Shopify as it requires no knowledge of programming languages or any technical stuff. If you’re a start-up, why would you want to spend a lot of time on learning a software rather than on developing and working on your business idea? Therefore, Shopify can fulfill all your needs.

If we talk about the features, Shopify provides 100+ unique themes and designs which you can use for setting up your website. Furthermore, if you face any kind of issue, you can call or reach out to thei customer support team at any hour, they will be there to assist you.

A view on the price details: If you want to try Shopify, you can get its 14 days free trial. You can also start off with its Lite package which only costs around $9. Next, the price range starts from paying $29 per month (Shopify Basic) to paying $299 per month (Shopify Advanced). However, the middle one is the most popular one, i.e. Shopify Pro which costs $79 per month.

Apart from this, Shopify is multi-currency and multi-lingual. It supports various payment gateway options and you can make payments through Visa or Credit Card as well.

Therefore, if you’re new in the business and looking for something amazing, yet easy at the same time, Shopify is the perfect choice!

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